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Terms & Conditions

Please read the full terms and conditions before placing the order. It is assumed that you have read and understood and therefore agree to the following terms and conditions when you order a cake.
1. All cakes are baked assuming that the event is on the day of the purchase and therefore it will be consumed on that day unless specified otherwise.
2. All our cakes are baked fresh to order and do not contain preservatives. Therefore, we do not guarantee the freshness after the event date.
3. Our sponge cakes do not contain nuts but it is produced in the kitchen which uses nuts, dairy products, cheese etc...
4. As a standard, all initial quotes are given for vanilla sponge with jam filling only. If you have requirement for a different flavour or additional fillings, it must be mentioned while making an enquiry.
5. As a standard our fondant icing will be 1/4" thick and the colourings used are edible pastes and liquid.
6. I do not cater for special dietry requirements like gluten-free or dairy-free cakes except for egg free cakes. If you require an egg free cake, please mention that on the enquiry as its always assumed that the enquiry is for standard cakes.
1. If you are very particular about a design or character, you are required to give a picture of the exact design or character.
2. All our cakes are home-made and hand-carved. So, no two cakes will look the same. Minor changes must be anticipated.
3. In situations where the customer give us the design, it must still be anticipated that the cake could have our own touches. There won't be exact match of another decorator's work.
4. In some celebration and novely cakes, i.e. kids' birthday cakes, we may not be able to write the message on the cake as it might clash with the design itself. In such cases, the message will be written on the board.
1. In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to cancel a cake order at any time due to illness or family emergencies. In such circumstances, no charge is payable and all the payment made will be fully refunded and no compensation is payable.
2. All servings quoted are 2"x1" size for sponge cakes and 1"x1" size for fruit cakes and are approximate value only.
3. Do not refrigerate or freeze our cakes. Refrigeration will only result in colour running and we do not accept any responsibility in such events.
4. Any mistakes on the cake must be notified at the time of collection or delivery.  We do not take any responsibility on the cake after collection or delivery.
5. Once the cake is collected, it's the customer's responsibility. We do not take any responsibility for damage on transit. You are advised to transport the cake in the boot of the car and not on car seat.
Please note that the above terms and conditions are made keeping the customers' and our welfare in mind and to avoid any unwanted disputes.  


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