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Celebration Cakes

Cakes for birthday parties can be of any flavour, design and fillings - variety of jams, creams and chocolate.


We provide wide range of catalogues and collections of designs for you to choose from. Or, you can bring your own design, your child's favourite character or toy. From Thomas the Tank Engine to Winnie the Pooh, Spiderman to Harry Potter the selection is endless.


For girls' cakes, you can select from wide variety of fairy cakes, princess cakes, Castles and get your cake decorated with edible glitter, gold, silver or sparkles. For boys' cakes of course, cars, trucks and aeroplanes. When it comes to adult novelty cakes, get it done to express their individuality, hobby, profession or interests.


Why not try edible photo cakes? Bring your favourite picture and get it printed on the cake.


Egg-free Cakes


If you have intolerance to eggs or wish to avoid eggs, this is an ideal alternative. Like any other cake, this can be made to any shape or flavour. Because of the nature of the recipe, minimum order for this cake is 30 servings.

Miniature Cakes


Miniature Cakes come in 3 inch round or square, individually decorated and in any flavour of your choice. These are simply a smaller version of a bigger cake and not cup cakes.


Miniature Cakes can be arranged to form a tower and the top tier can be placed on top to create a Wedding Cake. These miniature cakes can be placed one in each table at the Wedding so the guests can help them selves.


In its simpler version for celebration cakes, it can be arranged around the main cake and can be given to the guests instead of party favours.


Miniature cakes are only available in sets of six, eight or ten. If you require each cake in different design, it can be considered depending on the availability of time.  


" Kids' favourite character Spiderman"


"3D styles makes your cake come to life"


"Miniature cakes make ideal take home gift"

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